Running Deer

First of all, this is not my Indian name. I have gotten back into running after a somewhat prolonged hiatus. Let’s just say that one mile was enough for me today! In that one mile, though, I saw one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my four or five year running…. “career”. I was running on the road alongside a wooded area, and I was startled by this noise.

I looked over (this was after my shriek like a little girl) and saw a deer running/bounding next to me about 15 feet away. She, I think it was a doe, ran with me for about 25 yards and then went back into the woods. I just thought that was a very blog-worthy note from my day today. It inspired me to get outside and doing stuff more. I wish it would have inspired my legs to go further than one mile, but that’s another story!



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