Surprise, Surprise!


So, I logged on just to start with the new blog for the day, and I was completely shocked! I actually had someone read my blog! I know that shouldn’t be such a surprise, I mean, that’s what they’re for, right? But, in the various explorations I’ve done into the blogging world, it’s just never happened!

And the reading wasn’t all… they actually left a comment. I am trying not to weep at the moment. It was one of my former band students, and despite her being a trombone player, she actually knows how to read and write! I guess the whole “twitter” posting/ url-shortening/me-confusing that I’ve done lately has paid off!

I was actually going to blog about our youth and children’s Bible studies last night, though. It never ceases to amaze me how God blesses. We reviewed our bugs for the childrens’ Seekers club and the youth lesson was on Rahab and the spies. Both were excellent reminders for them (and me) of how great God is and how what He does in our lives is something that, although we can’t always understand it, we should be thankful.

As far as the run from yesterday, I guess it is a sign of the times (that would be early 30’s) that I am sore- yes, sore, after running my one, slow mile! I’m going to get back at it tomorrow… maybe I’ll go for two!



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