An Age Old Question Answered

Ok, I know I’ve been dwelling a lot on the running aspect lately. It might make someone who doesn’t know me think that I’m some kind of professional, or serious runner. Truth is, I’m just having really cool things happen while I’m running.

I could go into all of the physical benefits of running, but most everyone knows that stuff already. Today something very philosophical happened whilst I ran. It was an answer to a question that mankind has been asking for many centuries. More on this in a second. (I mean, you need some set up and a teaser to read the rest, right?)

We moved recently to Rocky Mount, VA and our particular street is a little more rural than I’ve ever been accustomed to. If you read the Running Deer entry, then you’d know that I’m indeed a city boy. At the beginning of the run today, I saw something amusing at first and then as I pondered on it, I felt that the world needed to know. I saw four chickens move from one side of our road, in single file, to the other. Once they got to their destination, they disappeared into some tall grass. It begged the questions: What was the point of that? and Why DID those chickens cross the road?

And, as promised, the answer that humanity has been asking about for so long: They crossed the road to get to the other side!



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