I’ve finally figured out why I procrastinate. Yes, this dreaded disease affects yours truly, along with millions of others across the globe. Now, I’m not going to speak for these slackers, just myself. That’s my disclaimer, in case you were wondering.

It just hit me as I was doing about 10 different things that could have been done on… um… different dates in the recent, or maybe less recent past. I procrastinate on doing things in order to get them done all at one time. Then, having worked my hindquarters off, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment! Never mind the fact that it was all unnecessary! I still did it!

I can look back to a research paper I did for Music History. It was in a class that hardly anyone ever got an ‘A’ on the research paper. The guy was just that tough. I waited until the night before it was due and just about aced it! That was cool because not only did I have my sense of accomplishment… I had bragging rights!

I would be interested to know if any other procrastinators have this same feeling. Post a comment and I’ll get back to you… eventually!



One thought on “Procrastination

  1. I am so glad that I procrastinated doing what I need to do, but reading your blog on procrastination. Give the wifey and baby kisses from us!

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