Comeback Tour

I’ve hit a new record! Although it started very unintentionally my hold-out on playing the trumpet ended today. After about the second month of keeping the old beast in the case, I just wanted to see how long I could go without it just eating away at me. Finally today, in a moment of weakness and desperation, I aquiesced to the calling of the beast.

Ok, now I have two accomplishments to put down. First, aforementioned trumpet hold-out (it was 4 months by the way). Second, I’ve actually used ‘aquiesced’ in a sentence! It’s the little things in life…. So, if you’re wondering how the playing was, let’s just say I was a bit… rusty. Air, but no sound. Weak ‘G’ above staff. Fingers fumbling on chromatics. The stuff I was expecting from a four month layoff. OK, you’re probably wondering WHY is any of this relevant to anything? I’m glad you asked!

We are getting ready at Boones Mill Baptist Church to throw ourselves into a stewardship campaign for our impending Family Life Center. I saw an info clip from our pastor calling for donations (which you can give if you like), of which included proceeds from part-time jobs and the like. I got to thinking, “Wow. That would be good if only I had a part-time job.” Then it struck me that if I make my triumphant return/ comeback tour on the forgotten and neglected trumpet that gig money or private lessons could be a donation for me! Finally a chance to give God back the gig money I’ve gotten from Him over the past 15 years!!

So, there you have it.



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