It’s a Timing Thing

I hate how life is so busy sometimes. I would have loved to have blogged several times in the last, well, several days. I just keep looking at other things that are going on, and keep on putting it off. How have we gotten so busy? I mean, the majority of the world will probably be too busy to even sit down and read this blog! I know, I know…. it’s gotten THAT bad!

I remember my undergrad trumpet professor telling me one day that I came in with the “I was soooo busy this week” excuse for lack of practice. He told me that I’m never going to have enough time. Each step along the way constantly ups the ante for time demands. He was right! I had less time in grad school than undergrad, had even less time when I was working a couple of “day” jobs (I called them that because I was under the delusion that I was a professional musician), had even less time when I started teaching, then married, then took a part-time youth/children pastor job, then started seminary classes online, then had a baby (well, my wife HAD the baby- you know what I mean!)

I feel robbed sometimes of even reading my Bible and having a quiet time with God. This is one of the most important things I should be doing! I guess I’ll leave this blog today with a question, one which I’ll be asking myself as well: What would happen if everyone just took one day to just relax, be “off”, and have time?


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