Happy Turkey Day!


I’ve just changed the template, layout, and overall coolness of the blog. It’s so easy to spend so much time on that stuff, though, and forget to save some time to actually do what the blog is for. That, of course, is to blog!

I guess that this makes the second blog for the month of November. I know that a lot has been going on: let’s try list form. Mackenzie is a bona fide walker now, I’ve preached a couple of times in the Sunday PM service for my Homiletics class (one message went well, the other….), since my stairs incident I’ve discovered that biking is the new running, we took the youth group to an event called Super Bowl in Lynchburg, VA and one of the teens was saved!

I think that is the general idea for news for now. Oh, one other weird thing. I’m actually getting used to the drums on Sundays in the AM services. For those that don’t know me I am a trumpeter, and that’s about it. It was neat: I was playing fills, being creative on the set, and everything… just like a real novice drummer!

Gonna head out now. Hope everyone either has, or depending on your time reading this, had a great Thanksgiving. Give thanks to God for all He’s done, folks!



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