Just Catching My Breath!

Wow!  If your holiday was anything like mine, then you are probably just catching your breath from the travelling, visiting, laughing, shopping, and turkey- eating!  This has been a weird one for Jenn and I in that, not only do we have an (almost) 11 month old baby thrown in the mix but different jobs that have different holiday perspectives.  I posted on Facebook on Black (that sounds so ominous) Friday that I was thankful not to have a parade to march in.  I stand by that!  It was still weird for both of us working and going through that routine on Friday…

As for right now, it’s back into the grind.  Seminary is not taking any time off, and I’m just getting a quick blog done during a bit of a lunch break!  I will say, as far as immediate upcoming events are concerned, this Friday and Saturday will be very, very cool!  On Friday PM and Saturday AM we are making ornaments and delivering/decorating the Christmas tree at Red Oak Manor Assisted Living Center in Rocky Mount, VA.  It is a great ministry for those folks, and I think, for the kids as well.

OK, back to work!



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