Temptation, Weight Loss and the Gospel

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m back on the running/diet/exercise kick.  So far, so good too!  I’ve lost about 13-ish pounds, so I’m pretty happy.  I want to lose more, though.  It has been an ongoing process/ battle for in the ballpark of 10 years.  Yes, I’ll lose a bunch, get complacent (that’s nice-talk for slack), gain it back, rinse and repeat for a while.  I’ve trained for two half marathons in this process, actually ran one of them (let’s not use the words “church league softball” in this polite discussion) and done some other pretty cool things.  It always ends up with me falling into the lap of luxury though.  With a diagnosis of diabetes, that’s not a good thing.

That’s the weight loss portion.  Now we get to the temptation.  This is the tough part, and I want to rejoice in a minor victory today!  Or it might be a major victory, depending on how you look at it… more on that later in the post!  I take part, along with some other youth pastors in Franklin County in a program we call F.I.S.H. at the middle school and high school.  We are blessed to have an opportunity to be invited to be in these schools and to assist the Christian students in their endeavors of being positive witnesses for Christ.  Every fourth week we’ll bring in some snacks and sodas and a student will share the gospel with their peers.  Pretty cool!  It just so happened that I was the purchaser of said snackies today.  We’re not talking celery sticks, granola, cauliflower, and such… it’s more on the lines of products made by a lady named Debbie.  She’s kind of small, you might even say she was “little”.  This was a source of non-stop temptation for me for several hours.  To make matters worse, I took the left overs (in the opened boxes) back to church with me.  They were crying out from the passenger seat, “Please, David.  Give us a home!”  I am glad to say this:  their request was denied!  I’m only hoping that this sort of thing will continue.

Now for the last part.  Of course, I’d mentioned it earlier, but in the context of my story the gospel fits in nicely.  As I said, the students shared the gospel and as they did some of their peers made the decision that they would accept Christ as Lord and Savior.  I got to thinking that I could endure a few hours of not getting some Little Debbies to see this happening.  I know there were some who rejected what was said, there always will be.  The great thing to me is that there are still kids out there responding to the power of the gospel.  And it’s not because there were a few ultra-hip youth pastors present, or that there were snacks and sodas, or even that it was a friend that gave a testimony or shared the gospel.  It’s the fact that, in today’s world no less, there were some kids who made a decision to be bold and to place their faith and trust in Jesus.  There are no empty calories in that decision, and I’ll gladly stare down some Swiss Cake Rolls for my Redeemer!

I’m looking forward to seeing God work through that ministry this school year.  I’m going to hold off on the idea of replacing the goodies with a salad, though.  For now, I guess I’ll just have to stick to Dancing with the Star Crunch.


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