And We Wait… But Probably Not For Long


This is probably going to be a short blog, but one thing happened this week… or actually two.  Well, OK, it was the same thing that happened twice.  I guess that’s once.  I’m talking about the infamous “Baby is coming now”  false alarm.  The first one was pretty minor.  They hooked Jenn up to this machine that looked like one of the really old school printers that no one uses anymore and monitored James’ heart rate and movements and such.  Doc said, “He looks good.  You can go now.”  But the second one… ahhh.  The second one was different.

On Wednesday night at some point before our Awana program at church got started, the contractions started.  Seven minutes apart.  In the neighborhood of about an hour.  We called the hospital and the instructions were to go home and have Jenn rest.  If the contractions were still going on, we get to meet James.  Well, for two teachers we don’t follow directions to the ‘T’.  About 15 minutes after the doctor said to call and come on in, the contractions stopped.  The whole time we’re trying to figure out what to do with Mackenzie in this process, who she’ll go with, etc. etc.  TNT says they “know drama”?  Yeah, right!  So, nothing to do now but finish getting ready for Mr. James.   And to wait.  I have the feeling, though, that we won’t need to be too patient!


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