A Cat Named Ham

This is one of those true stories that, as an unbiased dad, I had to report.  I got a call from my wife on Sunday morning as I’d just gotten to church that “we have a problem”.  Under normal circumstances this is not something one likes to hear.  Nearing the end of a pregnancy is no exception to this.  I braced for the worst. 

“Mackenzie wants a cat now.”  Relief, sort of.  Confusion, yes.  Jenn explained that, as Mackenzie was eating her breakfast she saw the neighborhood’s orange tabby outside the screen door.  Being the selfless and giving humanitarian… or catitarian that she is, Kenzie had to go feed the tabby some of her ham.  She is obviously not my child.  Not that I don’t like cats- we’ve had a couple and have loved them… they just don’t get my food.  Well, I found out that (and she’s seen it several times since that day) her name for the cat is “Ham”.  She calls for him when we open the front door, she screams for joy when she sees the cat, and naturally she screams for Ham to come back after she’s scared it away!

I’m sure if we think about this little interaction, some parallels could come up with how we view, treat, and respond to other people sometimes, too.  Maybe the way to do it is to treat each other with love and kindness, to graciously accept and return that, and not get all crazy about it!  Maybe my illustration was a little bit of a stretch, but then again, maybe not.  Sometimes the teachers learn from the students.  Whatever the case may be, we do need to love each other.  The ham, well, that’s optional…but it sure doesn’t hurt!


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