A Sucker for a Challenge

I logged on to WordPress just now, since it had been the better part of 2 months or more since I’d blogged.  I saw that there’s a challenge up, and a la Marty McFly, I had to take it.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get that reference… you won’t be alone.  If you did, there’s places where people like us can get help.  Moving right along, the challenge was to either post a blog entry daily (as in 365 of them) or weekly (as in at 52).  I was very envious of the folks who participated in NaNoWriMo this year, as that’s something I’d like to do at some point in the (probably distant) future, but I figured that I can do this!  Now, I think putting up blog posts every single day would be two things.  First, with the crazy schedule my life seems to have it would be next to impossible.  Second, it would get annoying… for me and for the world at large.  So, I’m going to give a shot at the weekly blog throughout 2011, with the added goal of trying to get in extra posts whenever possible.  I just hope I have at least 52 things to talk about!

Wish me luck!


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