Discipline, Discipline, Discipling!

OK, random thought to get started- have you ever written or thought about words that make no sense visually?  After I typed those from the title I was thinking, “Huh?”

So for the first two (and a little of the third) this has been an interesting time for me.  I’m starting a seminary class again (4.9 left, Whoo Hooo!) and it has become a discipline for me to get into the reading, discussion boards, and papers.  Many papers.  So far, so good though, even amidst the new discipline of… a new baby+ potty training!  I’m not complaining in the least.  Jenn and I love our two little babies about as much as can be, but they fall under the discipline category for sure.  Let’s just say getting used to laundry at 4:00 a.m. is… a discipline.

Another thing I’m having to be disciplined towards is this blog.  The Postaweek2011 Challenge deal will be tough with the aforementioned (weird word again) disciplines, but I want to see it through.  I even fell into the trap of adding a “badge” that there’s no way this side of eternity I’ll figure out how to remove… so I’m locked into it!

That brings us to the discipling (do you know how many times I’ve hit the backspace key in this post???)  I’ve been faced with one portion of Scripture on a couple of occasions this week, and I think I’m getting the hint.  It is from 1 Peter 1, in the area of verses 13 through 25 and beyond.  The idea that has hit me like a brick is that of how we should strive to act and that we serve a holy God.  I talked with a group this morning about temptation (which I will credit pretty much entirely to Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living) and it came from verse 14 where it says to not conform to our evil desires.  Peter later tells us just why this is.  We are redeemed from those empty, evil desires with a price… not a temporary and perishable one, but an eternal and very costly one.  The blood of Christ is what has redeemed us, and we shouldn’t take this lightly.  This has been a learning week for me, and a place in which I received some much needed discipling.

Until next week (or maybe before!)


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