Super Bawl I

No, you read that correctly…bawl, not bowl.  This evening was a girls night for Jenn and Mackenzie.  They went out with a friend from church, so it was the two hombres sticking it out at home.  Let me give you a play-by-play of my evening done in the spirit of a pretty popular football game that’s about to take place.  This evening I played in the first ever: Super Bawl.  Actually all parents have done this, I just came up with the cool name! (I’m sure if I tag that there’ll be about 4000 others)

The first quarter went to James.  In an agressive ‘cry’ offense he had me completely off guard.  I was scrambling to keep up and he was running up the score… big time.  Things changed a little in the second quarter when I got him to submit to my 2 ounce defensive package.  He was subdued, but still ahead going into halftime.  This was going to be a battle to the bitter end.

At the start of the third quarter, he busted out the cry offense again.  This would prove to be a rookie mistake!  This wily, old veteran hit him with a 4 oz sack.  Comeback for team Dad.  I had the game in the bag, except I had to try a QB sneak on a very tricky play to run solo in the bath time formation.  I almost fumbled, letting team James regain possession… I had one chance… a Hail Mary.  One more bottle.  No guts, no glory…it was do or die, the bottle’s in and we had sleep!  Victory!  

As you can tell, my opponent was a worthy adversary.  No doubt, this will only be the first in a series of intense Super Bawl rivalries.  As for me and my immediate plans?  I’m going to Disneyland!!

Until next week (or maybe before)


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