Almost Slipped!

No, not on ice.  I almost slipped and didn’t post an entry this week, thus a DQ on the postaweek2011 deal.  That ain’t Dairy Queen either!  It will be a short one, since it is now 11:05 and I’ll be pulling late nights for at least the next two.  Tomorrow’s should be fun.  We’re having a Youth Valentine Banquet at church from 7-9 p.m. and then we’re heading over to the bowling alley for “Rock-n-Bowl” until midnight.  You may stop playing the air guitar now, and please put your tongue back in your mouth!  It should be fun, and based on what everyone said on Wednesday, we should have a big crowd. 

The second thing, will be less than exciting.  Typing a paper due Sunday night.  I’m going to have to say that I understand the difference between typing and writing now.  As we speak, or…um, read, I am writing.  It is enjoyable (at least for me- if YOU don’t like it then don’t tell me.  You’ll deflate my sensitive artist’s ego!)  Typing, on the other hand, is a little more of an assignment and usually in my case involves a bibliography.  I hate bibliographies!  Not enjoyable vs. enjoyable.  Hmm… I know which I’ll be doing more of once I graduate!

Until next week (or before)


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