Write or Wrong?

I must enjoy having a constant flow of activities going on at all times.  I picture it being like the jugglers at the circus, where they’re trying to cope with 10 items which are usually on fire.  Be that as it may, I am becoming more and more interested in a new hobby/endeavor/interest/ avocation/ you-get-the-point-thing.  I’m starting (for some wild reason) to get into writing.  Hmm, let’s see:  still two (and a half?) more semesters at Liberty, 3 month old, two year old, wife, full time job… in the ministry.  I think I may be slightly not with it.

Now, I’ve never made this fact well-known (and unless my blog becomes some sort of internet sensation, then I’m not in much danger of doing so) but I actually considered minoring in some kind of English-y area in college.  That was before I knew the rigors and horrors of being a music major.  It still gives me cold chills.  After college and grad school, I’d often thought about doing some writing.  Now, a more well-known fact is that I proposed to Jenn with a pretty clever little poem.  Of all the non-music classes I’ve ever taken, English was the only one I ever really enjoyed.  Not that I wasn’t good at some other subjects, but we’re talking enjoyment, here.

Recently, like in the past year or so, I’ve written a couple of short stories that I’ve submitted to some contests.  No, they probably weren’t that good.  Actually, neither contest was the feedback type… you either win it or you don’t.  I think that  may be for the best, come to think of it.  I’m thinking, really thinking about using one of them as a blog post.  The only problem with this is the anonymity I’ve enjoyed from being some random contestant will be over.  As a musician I know that a lot of the time, I’m my own hardest critic, but this is something different.  We’ll have to see… for now, I’ll stick to the normal blogging which, I’m told, is kind of like writing.

One thing I do know for sure.  Whatever comes from this whole writing thing, I only want to use it for the glory of the Lord.  That’s what I’m all about.  Just like this blog, if only one person reads anything I write and is blessed by it, or comes to know Jesus as their Savior as a result, then I’ll know I’ve done what I’m supposed to.

Until next week (or before)


2 thoughts on “Write or Wrong?

  1. Funny enough, I am a juggler. I can’t juggle 10 things, but I can juggle fire. If you want to write, write. Go ahead. Put it out there. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner. That’s the only way to get better!

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