Here Goes Nothing

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was contemplating putting some of the writing I’ve done on the blog.  Well, I’m not going to post that particular short story but I decided to share a poem I’ve “written” recently.  It was the product of a writing prompt, but I thought it was pretty neat.  The prompt came from the Poets & Writers website (, and the idea was to pick ten random words from a dictionary and then create a poem.  I thought this was an interesting challenge.  When one of the words was ‘Lithuanian’ I realized it really was going to be tough!  I’ve put the ten words in bold within the poem below.  (Remember, one of my words was ‘Lithuanian’ for goodness sake!)  Here it is, hope you enjoy!

An Exercise of Life

by David Saleeba

In a deadpan tone I remarked

that I hope to graduate soon.

If one can only matriculate,

then a new life, new adventure is ahead of them.

Life, though, can be a lonesome and scary venture.

Consider that a Lithuanian in the Wild Southwest

would have stuck out like a sore thumb

amongst captious residents

waiting for his demise.

The brave soul attempting life should be

as a beacon, a symbol, of the boldness

needed for a life lived on this planet.

Yes, the bluebird of spring and his happiness

meets the exasperation of a gloomy reality.

Our existence lies in the sediment

waiting to be stirred and to start anew

in the current of life;

To get caught in the excitement of brass, and of woodwinds, strings and percussion

in this great orchestral masterpiece.


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