My Views

As you read this title, I’m sure you were thinking, “Oh, great… here comes another political viewpoint/ rant!”  Maybe you thought I was going to give a theological dissertation of some sort.  How silly of you- I haven’t even finished the master’s degree yet (and no plans for the doctorate, by the way).  No, the point of this post is quite simple: I am trying to learn how to upload pictures to the old blog.  So I figured I would make a few people jealous with some scenery from my running.  These are all taken from my phone, and the location is pretty much just on my street… not bad, huh?  I am a mountains geek, much more so than a beach lover.  These were taken (I think) in October, if it happens to look a bit unseasonal.  Hope you enjoy (and that it works- it would make this paragraph a whole lot better!)








Until next time!


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