Had It All Figured Out(?)

Just when I thought it was safe to assume that I knew some of my future plans, God throws a change-up.  He’s a good pitcher, and, looking back at my Little League career with a .047 batting average, well…  I guess that speaks for itself.  The line from the song that goes: “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan” seems appropriate!

What am I talking about?  Well, I had it all figured out in regards to my seminary degree and time left, etc.  I was going to go the easy road and finish in the Spring with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.  Whoo-Hoo!  This is my second Masters degree, by the way, so I had talked myself into changing from the 90 hour Master of Divinity-industry standard-most people go for an M.Div, to this.  Well, I started looking at (since I had to go into Spring 2012 anyway) another degree just three teeny classes longer.  Hey, Spring 2012/Fall 2012- what’s the difference?

This is the point where I called Liberty University to make it official, wasn’t caller #45 for a change, and was told that if I was 100% sure that changing to my “new” plan with a Master of Arts in Religion was going to be it (as in final/kaput/finito/done) then they could do that.  If there’s any chance I might want to go further- do the M.Div.  Ohhhhhh, the agony!  The horror!  I started to realize that maybe I shouldn’t put God in a box… maybe I should leave this thing open.  Hmm.

I started thinking of some things at this point.  No, persecution of the saints wasn’t where I was going… I thought of the many biblical characters that tried to get out of doing things that God had commanded.  Moses tried to second guess, and talk God out of the idea of leading the Israelites out of Egypt.  Elijah went on the run- even after the victory at Mt. Carmel!  Thomas, well, he was a doubter.  Ananias got squeamish at the thought of going to anoint Saul, who had killed Christians to that point.  Now, I know that my going to seminary isn’t some kind of Scriptural mandate from God.  What I’ve had to realize as it hit me squarely in the face, is that we are supposed to keep God first and honor Him, even in the little things we do.

So I blog before you today, a student enrolled in the M.Div. program.  Instead of being 1 class or even 4 classes away from a seminary degree, now it’s 21.  (whimper)  But I can really feel God saying that I’ve been a little bit childish on this one.  Now, I have no clue if my future will have me putting a “Dr.” in front of my name.  I know for right now that all I’m supposed to do is be obedient and go through the next several years of classes.  I’ll let God throw the pitches, and will practice trying to hit a little better from now on!

Until next time.


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