Is Your Church a Pizza Church?

I was taking the kids somewhere the other day and we passed by a church on a road adjacent to ours.  We’d passed by this church probably hundreds of times over the past three years, but Mackenzie asked if it was “the pizza church”.  It wasn’t.  To her defense, we were coming at this particular church from a different angle, so she didn’t recognize it.  Now, you may be wondering- what in the world is a “pizza church”, anyway?  Good question!

We used to live far enough out of town that the pizza delivery folks wouldn’t come visit us at our house. We would have to leave our house, and go about 1.5 miles away to a church parking lot.  Actually, we still have to do that- just going to a school now! At any rate, the kids associate this church with pizza, hence the name.  I got to thinking after her statement that our churches are known for something in our communities.  Now, some churches may be known for a lot of things, and maybe even a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Surely, the pizza church isn’t a pizza delivery meeting spot for everyone in our neck of the woods.  It may be known as a caring community of believers that want to see people come to know Christ.  It may be seen as a church that reaches out to people in need.  It may be seen as “that church” where people always get upset with each other and leave to go somewhere else.

What is your church?  If it’s only a “pizza church” to everyone that passes by, then you’ve got some work to do, don’t you?  If churches are a part of the body of Christ, and you are the Dominoes uniform, that’s not exactly what Paul was referencing. (Romans 12:4-5)  Taking the body of Christ illustration another step further, if your church is the raised, furrowed brow- you need to take a look in the mirror.  That look?  Not so good when it’s supposed to be coupled with Acts 2:46-47… meeting together joyfully, worshiping, sharing with each other, joy, generosity, and praising God.

We all need to take a look at what our churches represent to the people that pass by them daily.  Are they places of spiritual and in some cases, physical or emotional healing?  It is my hope that instead of seeing anything as people look at our churches they will see Someone. They will see a reflection of Christ.

And if your church happens to be a meeting spot for the delivery guy/gal- keep on providing this culinary public service on the side! 😉

Until next time!


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