Going Back to 19/21

Wait- what? A year isn’t supposed to have a slash in it. Ah, that’s the point, though! I’m not talking about a date in time… although I am in a way. Let me explain. Though I am sure the Roaring Twenties would be the bee’s knees, I’m not trying to pull a Gatsby. My reference goes along with meals: 19/21= 19 out of 21 meals in a week. See, not so cryptic after all, is it?

Except wait- what is the significance of the 19? Well, I’m going to eat a vegetarian diet (specifically a “lacto/ovo”- where I can eat dairy and eggs) for at least 19 out of the 21 meals that a week offers. I actually did a pretty much total vegetarian diet for six months in 2014. It had some good effects, too. Instead of having to take 2 medicines to barely control my blood sugar, my doctor dropped one since I was bottoming out with two!

Oh yeah, I lost a bunch of weight pretty much with diet alone, since my knee wasn’t up to par. And since I was *maybe* babying it too much and didn’t run… at all. Blood pressure? That was down, too. First normal blood pressure reading since probably 2008 or 2009. So, this was like the perfect diet, right? Any normal person would stay on this and take it to the bank!

Well, I got lazy. It took about 3 months to get most of the pounds, blood pressure, and sugar back to the starting point. Boo! I started on this venture thinking that with 19/21 (which is pretty much 90%) I could stick with it, not have to stress with a meal or two where I can reward/ skip/ make up for bad planning/ eat what my family’s eating/ etc. (Btw- meal planning is important. Jenn + the kids went to Cookout which, for example, has almost nothing “non-meat” on its menu! Fries ain’t a meal, people!)

So along with this, I’m running again. I’m taking it sssslllloooooowwwww. Painfully slow. But I do have a goal of finishing two 5Ks this year- hopefully! One in April and the other as a birthday present to myself in August. Actually, the August one is the last 5K I ran… back in 2011!!

So we’ll see where this goes. So far, I’m a couple of weeks into the dieting and running. It’s feeling good. The diabetes is back under control and I’m doing the one med for it, so that’s a win already! The belt is getting a little tighter, so I like that. Running? Well, I’m doing treadmill workouts because I’m a wimp and hate the cold. But I’m getting a good base for later on when I’ll have to build up the road mileage a little bit to finish strong for 3.1 miles.


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