Knowing is Half the Battle

OK, nothing like a throwback quote… if you missed the 1980’s as a boy (probably some of the girls too) then you may not have understood that reference.  The G.I. Joe cartoons always ended with the tag, “Now we know, and…” well you read the title.  What does this have to do with anything?  I thought you’d never ask!

I taught high school band for six years (2003 to 2009) before being called to full time ministry.  As one can imagine it was a big part of my life, and leaving that profession was a tough decision.  Of course, obedience to God’s call on my life is more important and I have no regrets…but there are days I miss the music.  Now, some other parts of band directing are less missed!

I had the chance to help listen to two former colleagues’ bands last night and to give comments as they prepare for a big performance.  It was only the second time in going on two years now that I’ve been in front of a band.  Man, was I rusty!  It felt sort of like I was in a world that, at one time I belonged in, but now am not a part of.  It was great to look at a score and say, “Yeah, that’s going to be a problem spot.” But I can say that it gave me peace about things, too.  I had a peace about leaving the band world last night. 

That’s not to say that I’ll never work with another band, or have no desire to have any involvement with musicians in schools.  It’s was just to show me that (as if I had any doubts) God has me right where I need to be. 

Until next week!