Camp Neck

There’s a condition that I’ve become aware of this summer.  It is called “Camp Neck”.  It is the direct result of wearing a lanyard with a name tag attached to it for about 17 hours per day, and doing that for 5 days.  Ironically, it is not for the duration of the camp that this becomes a problem- it is actually after the camp is over that one experiences the condition.  What are the symptoms of Camp Neck?  Are they serious?  Life threatening? 

Camp Neck (hereafter CN) is a phenomenon wherein, the affected person(s) will actually feel the lanyard even though it’s not there.  (I italicized that for extra dramatic effect… did it give you the heebie-jeebies?)  I was saved from CN in our children’s camp because I got one of the little clippy-type name tags, but after our youth camp… I was feeling the effects of CN for a week!  It should serve as a warning to us all.

And why is that, you might ask?  Well, I’m sure that any camp has some kind of message/information/skill that is intended for the campers to retain- to keep with them for more than just the camp itself.  As this is pertaining to ministry stuff, I place a great deal of importance on the aspect of keeping the messages, devotionals, and time spent with God with me afterwards.  In other words, CN should get into our spiritual lives (and for more than a week, too!)  It is my prayer for the children and youth at my church and all the other churches represented at our camps this year to keep what they learned and apply it. 

I want to have CN all year and all my life, as a matter of fact.  I don’t want it to happen just at a camp, or a conference, either.  I want it to extend to messages I hear throughout the year, to my daily quiet time, and to my all-around worship of Jesus.  I really am hoping that I feel, not a lanyard’s presence, but God’s presence with me wherever I am.  This isn’t just for the under 18 crowd either, folks.  We can all acquire CN… we should all acquire CN!  Think about what these two Psalms talk about in regards to the presence of the Lord:

Psalm 16:11 says, “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  Wow!  The path of life, and an abundant one at that.  Eternal pleasures.  Those are some good side effects.

Psalm 89:15 says, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.”  We are blessed when we walk with Him.  When we are remembering, serving, following, worshiping, and glorifying God we are blessed.

Until next time!


Money to Mouth-placement Ratio?

“Put your money where your mouth is.”  I believe that’s the old adage.  It stands to reason that the post wherein I make the bold claim of blogging twice a week comes at the absolutely most inopportune time for it!

I have two takes on this.  First, I receive no monetary support for my blogging, so I’ll make whatever outlandish claims I choose to make!  Ha! 

Not really… so the second take is that I have been jotting down some things i’d like to blog about.  “Planning to blog is blogging to plan”… or something like that.  One such topic is in the Dave-otional realm.  Having had our youth camp and looking forward to childrens camp I’ll be blogging about the phenomenon known as “Camp Neck”.  If you’ve ever worn a lanyard for a week, you’ll understand.

Until next time!

From Veggies to Vibrams

The end to the week was interesting, indeed.  Jenn and I had the chance to take Mackenzie to Lynchburg, VA to see Veggietales Live at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  If you’re familiar at all with Liberty University, you’ll know that TRBC is the ginormous church there.  And we saw the Veggietales characters… they, too were ginormous.  Jenn teaches at a Christian school, which took a field trip, and we went with a few other parents.  The trip there was peachy!  Hey, did you want me to say cucumber-y, or asparagus-y?  Ol’ Kenzie didn’t quite know what to make of everything, but she did dance and smile for the songs she knew… and there were a lot.  I’d say overall there was a “I get it” factor of 85%… the “I dig it” factor was somewhere in that ballpark.  At least until after intermission.  The Veggietales approval rating plummeted to about 49.74857% at that point.  The ride home?  We won’t go there.  But it was a cool experience to see a bunch of toddlers and kids (and some big kids that brought them) jamming out! 

Friday’s incident was less cool.  I was way closer to being attacked by three dogs mid-run than I wanted to be!  Not that I could have outrun the mutts anyway, but I’d just run up a fairly decent-sized hill and they came out of a driveway (of a group of trailers) to meet me.  They were not happy.  It was definitely not a good situation, and I can only thank the Lord that the “alpha” of the pack, a more than 50% rottweiller, didn’t help me further with my weight loss (if you know what I mean!)  I tried running, they ran.  I tried walking away, they walked.  I tried yelling, they stopped barking for a second and then got right back at it.  It was only when I got enough distance for their taste that they backed off.  The good news is that I finished my first 3 mile run since jumping back into the training.

Today I had a dog-free run, as well as a shoe-free one…sort of.  For my birthday this year, I got a pair of the Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s.  Not to do product placement, but those things are cool!  They are what’s called a “minimalist shoe” and only have a thin layer of rubber on the sole.  It is pretty close to barefoot running, which I think I’m going to try and embrace.  And, no matter if I do get teased by my otherwise supportive wife, I’m still going to train and run with them.  She calls them my “gorilla feet”.  We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Rocky Mount, The Hub, too!  We got all Hubbed up, and then it was off to a 6 year old’s birthday party, and home with a worn out toddler (again)! 

Whew!  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  I guess there’s some truth to that, because these last few days (with the obvious exception of my canine buddies) have been great and have gone by fast.  I’m glad to have a chance to share them, and hopefully show a few once I learn how to do the picture thing on this blog.

Just Catching My Breath!

Wow!  If your holiday was anything like mine, then you are probably just catching your breath from the travelling, visiting, laughing, shopping, and turkey- eating!  This has been a weird one for Jenn and I in that, not only do we have an (almost) 11 month old baby thrown in the mix but different jobs that have different holiday perspectives.  I posted on Facebook on Black (that sounds so ominous) Friday that I was thankful not to have a parade to march in.  I stand by that!  It was still weird for both of us working and going through that routine on Friday…

As for right now, it’s back into the grind.  Seminary is not taking any time off, and I’m just getting a quick blog done during a bit of a lunch break!  I will say, as far as immediate upcoming events are concerned, this Friday and Saturday will be very, very cool!  On Friday PM and Saturday AM we are making ornaments and delivering/decorating the Christmas tree at Red Oak Manor Assisted Living Center in Rocky Mount, VA.  It is a great ministry for those folks, and I think, for the kids as well.

OK, back to work!