Blessed Misspellings

Knowledge is power.  That’s the saying, right?  Well. maybe if the power comes in the form of my feelings being whooped up.  WordPress has these stats that geeky people like me can check on.  Well, it turns out that almost every visit to my blog has been for a previous shenanigan on my evening with baby James at home by myself titled “Super Bawl I”.  Not bad, in that there have been many, many people that have visited it.  The problem is that I found out they were searching for “Super Bowl” and didn’t know how to spell it!  I mean, come on folks.  ‘A’ and ‘O’ are on opposite sides of the keyboard for crying out loud.  Stop toying, or maybe I should say, “taying” with my emotions!  Now, I know that not everyone has come across my blog in such a manner as this, and for that I thank you, my loyal readers… of like, three-ish.

Oh well, there’s a lot to be thankful for and many reasons I consider myself blessed.  God is good, I’m alive and well, and each morning when I wake up there are three beautiful people at home that I get to share a part of that day with.  I have a chance to be a part of the ministry at Boones Mill Baptist, and to see great things happening there.  I’m near the end of a seminary degree, and if you aren’t one of the random Googlers and knew me a while back, then let’s just say God is still in the miracle business!  I think I’m beginning to like the whole blogging/writing thing, so I’m praying that in some way the Lord will have me to do this for His glory.  If a misspelled word brings someone to this blog, then God can work with that!

Until next week…

UPDATE: thought it was an interesting tidbit, but this post has now garnered more views than the post which I described… until Super Bowl time in 2012, that is.