A Million Bucks? That’s a lot of Deer…

Wow, no please, keep reading!  This whole post won’t be as lame as the title.  I was actually working on a bloggable topic, jazz and it’s awesomeness, but came across the WordPress “postaday topic” and thought it was neat, thought-provoking, and possibly even one that readers can comment on.  It was “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”  Immediately the song by Barenaked Ladies came to mind and I thought, “Well, I’d be rich,” as well as the more likely “I’d buy you a llama or an emu.”

I got to thinking that there would be many possibilities for all these Benjamins, some practical and some (like the aforementioned animals) frivolous.  I’ve always wanted a dog, so that would be a definite.  A definitely spoiled animal!  If I did buy a llama, it’s name would have to be Tina.  Moving right along… can we say “debt free”?  With that cash flow, oh yes we can.  I’d also like (not feel guilted into it or whatever) to give to my church, missions, etc.  That, and making sure my family was taken care of, would be about it.  So, there’s always the obligatory bling/merchandise/stuff that gets tossed out there.  Let’s see…

I can probably say without too much hesitation that, if I had my choice, minivan (daddywagon) wouldn’t be my ride.  I liked the Xterra, to be quite honest.  I’d say that with a million I could make that happen.  What else is there?  House.  Nah, I’m allright where we are.  Quit my job?  Not gonna happen, cap’n. College for Mackenzie and James, retirement, savings.  Man, this looks like something a responsible adult would compile!  Probably much different than 10 years ago.  Oh… we’d probably splurge and get cable or dish or something.  But the T.V. we have is all good.  No plasma necessary.   

So let me ask you, my dear readers, what would you do with a million dollars?

Until next week!