Comfort Food

You always hear about the basic food groups and what you should and shouldn’t eat, etc etc, yada-yada.  I found out that not too long ago, the old food pyramid changed to some kind of plate- thingy.  That’s different!  Whatever system/regimen/diet you choose some foods prove to be essential and others not so much.  I understand the importance of nutrition, and of course, wouldn’t want to downplay it.  My thought, though, is that there is another food item that is essential in our lives:  the comfort food!

My favorite comfort food (dentists, avert your eyes) is popcorn.  I love popcorn.  One of the greatest inventions, almost as good as the microwave, is microwaveable popcorn.  The Orville kind that has the butter packet that you pour onto it… oh, man.  It may actually be illegal it’s so good!  If someone were to tell me that I am being shipped to a deserted island and I am not allowed one favorite food as a punishment, then it would be popcorn.  Actually, I may have to lie and say it was peas, just so they wouldn’t take the popcorn.  Don’t you rat on me, now!

A comfort food is something that we can cling to.  It makes us feel good.  It’s like a go-to item when we need or want it.  It could be peanut butter, or pizza, or (heaven forbid) peas.  Maybe you’re offended because it actually is peas for you.  We don’t want that comfort food taken away from us.  The one thing that we can have that we can just zone out with, or the reward for a long, tough day at work or school.  It almost goes without saying that it is a food that we enjoy very, very much.

Another thing we should be getting enjoyment from, and nourishment from is God’s Word.  Now, there is one flaw in my comfort food analogy:  most of the comfort foods (peas being the exception) would be less than nutritional and nourishing at best.  Not so with Scripture.  Just think about the many aspects that relate it to being as essential to us as food.  We are told to feast on the Word, to crave it as babies crave milk, to progress on into the meat, Jesus (the Word made flesh) is the bread of life, and so on.  The Bible should be a source of comfort to us then.  It should be our default and our go-to item.  We can get more reward and satisfaction from reading God’s Word than from all the popcorn, pizza, candy, ice cream, and yes, even peas in the whole world.

Don’t fret Orville, Pop Weaver, the nice Act III people- I’ll still enjoy your wares.  I know that I need to do some munching on another kind of comfort food, though. 

Until next time!