That’s My Boy!

Recently at our weekly, post- Sunday PM service, fine dining, 5 star (Dairy Queen) dinner, James was staring up at the mounted TV.  He made his daddy proud when we looked and saw that he was gazing at… football!  “That’s my boy!”, said this proud dad.  I may have grunted also.  Or was that James?  Of course, it’s immaterial that the 25 seconds of that game were about all the football I’ve seen this year.  This gives way to the next football game.  The Super Bowl.  In a couple of weeks, most of the country will be caught up in the hysteria of this final game of the season (the Pro Bowl doesn’t count… not even remotely).  What’s ironic is that most people, myself included, will be totally ignorant of what has happened this entire season.  It’s like going to a movie and showing up for the last 15 minutes.  “OK, now who’s that guy?”, “Why is she mad at him?”, “What’s a hobbit?”… come on!  I hope that most novice Super Bowl viewers won’t get caught up on “Why do they keep calling that Pittsburgh QB a burger?”

All I know is, I’m not pulling for either team.  Pulling, rooting, and the like are too strong for my abilities to follow this particular game.  I will be, shall we say, moderately encouraging the Steelers.  Jenn has some PA family, and they’re good folks.  I’ll tip my hat in their direction.  

Now, if we can just get baseball underway…

Until next week (or maybe before)