Money to Mouth-placement Ratio?

“Put your money where your mouth is.”  I believe that’s the old adage.  It stands to reason that the post wherein I make the bold claim of blogging twice a week comes at the absolutely most inopportune time for it!

I have two takes on this.  First, I receive no monetary support for my blogging, so I’ll make whatever outlandish claims I choose to make!  Ha! 

Not really… so the second take is that I have been jotting down some things i’d like to blog about.  “Planning to blog is blogging to plan”… or something like that.  One such topic is in the Dave-otional realm.  Having had our youth camp and looking forward to childrens camp I’ll be blogging about the phenomenon known as “Camp Neck”.  If you’ve ever worn a lanyard for a week, you’ll understand.

Until next time!