Bacon in the Bathroom Sink

A couple of nights ago I was getting ready for bed.  I try to do this every night, actually, as sleep is a good thing.  In only two more days, I’ll actually be able to do this earlier (until August, when seminary classes start back up again!)  I was getting ready to brush my teeth, when I looked in my sink in the bathroom.  There was bacon in the sink.  I thought to myself, “This is after we told Mackenzie to keep food at the table, and here we see Exhibit A.”  I also had the thought that there’s really only a few places I don’t like seeing bacon… it is unfortunate that this is one of those places!  A possible third thought- “Why can’t weird, random stuff ever get put in Jenn’s sink?”

By itself it is amusing, but I think there’s an illustration here, too.  (I’m a former band director turned youth pastor… c’mon you couldn’t see an analogy/illustration coming from a mile away?)  I have to wonder if this is God’s reaction to us when we stray.  He’s told us there are things not to do.  These are the things that violate His will for us.  Yet, just like a stubborn 2 year old (and maybe we’re perpetually in that state to Him) we do it anyway.  When God sees the bacon in the bathroom sink, I can imagine the same reaction as my first one- “What in the world is this doing here?  This isn’t supposed to be here!”

God wants us to keep the bacon where He’s said to.  After all, no one would be shocked to see a piece of bacon in the kitchen sink.  There are kitchen sinks for us to keep bacon in with God, too.  Sex within the confines of marriage would be a good example.  Putting music, podcasts, videos, etc. on our ipods that bring honor God would be kitchen sink items, too.  To contrast these, the bacon in the bathroom sink would be adultery and taking in things dishonoring to God.  If we are called to be followers of Christ, then we are also called to be obedient.

I hope this is, although very unconventional, a help to you today.  I can’t get too mad at Mackenzie, because I know I’m guilty as charged of getting the bacon in the wrong place myself… and way more times than I can even imagine.  He doesn’t love the sins we commit, but God does love us.  I’m thankful today for mercy and grace.  I’m really hungry all of a sudden too…

Until next time!