From Veggies to Vibrams

The end to the week was interesting, indeed.  Jenn and I had the chance to take Mackenzie to Lynchburg, VA to see Veggietales Live at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  If you’re familiar at all with Liberty University, you’ll know that TRBC is the ginormous church there.  And we saw the Veggietales characters… they, too were ginormous.  Jenn teaches at a Christian school, which took a field trip, and we went with a few other parents.  The trip there was peachy!  Hey, did you want me to say cucumber-y, or asparagus-y?  Ol’ Kenzie didn’t quite know what to make of everything, but she did dance and smile for the songs she knew… and there were a lot.  I’d say overall there was a “I get it” factor of 85%… the “I dig it” factor was somewhere in that ballpark.  At least until after intermission.  The Veggietales approval rating plummeted to about 49.74857% at that point.  The ride home?  We won’t go there.  But it was a cool experience to see a bunch of toddlers and kids (and some big kids that brought them) jamming out! 

Friday’s incident was less cool.  I was way closer to being attacked by three dogs mid-run than I wanted to be!  Not that I could have outrun the mutts anyway, but I’d just run up a fairly decent-sized hill and they came out of a driveway (of a group of trailers) to meet me.  They were not happy.  It was definitely not a good situation, and I can only thank the Lord that the “alpha” of the pack, a more than 50% rottweiller, didn’t help me further with my weight loss (if you know what I mean!)  I tried running, they ran.  I tried walking away, they walked.  I tried yelling, they stopped barking for a second and then got right back at it.  It was only when I got enough distance for their taste that they backed off.  The good news is that I finished my first 3 mile run since jumping back into the training.

Today I had a dog-free run, as well as a shoe-free one…sort of.  For my birthday this year, I got a pair of the Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s.  Not to do product placement, but those things are cool!  They are what’s called a “minimalist shoe” and only have a thin layer of rubber on the sole.  It is pretty close to barefoot running, which I think I’m going to try and embrace.  And, no matter if I do get teased by my otherwise supportive wife, I’m still going to train and run with them.  She calls them my “gorilla feet”.  We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Rocky Mount, The Hub, too!  We got all Hubbed up, and then it was off to a 6 year old’s birthday party, and home with a worn out toddler (again)! 

Whew!  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  I guess there’s some truth to that, because these last few days (with the obvious exception of my canine buddies) have been great and have gone by fast.  I’m glad to have a chance to share them, and hopefully show a few once I learn how to do the picture thing on this blog.